Circle of One Marketing has formalized its commitment to promotion social issues in all communities by creating a progressive Social Marketing Division.

This division of “The Circle” focuses exclusively and aggressively on non-profit and governmental clients who seek to use marketing strategy, new media platforms and community outreach tactics to impact outcomes by fostering and “selling” position social behaviors.


In an effort to “get it done” for our clients, the Circle of One Marketing team is committed to working smart, as well as hard.  Our seven step operational process ensures that we exceed our client’s expectations on time and on budget. 

Before starting a new campaign we must clearly understand the target market, customer, and why the previous campaign failed to achieve the expected results.  We must define who the customer is, what their priorities and needs are, and from this develop effective messaging that will resonate with them.  In addition we must establish goals and metrics for the campaign.


    This process will consist of an initial meeting, the Exploration phase, where we meet with key stakeholders to identify the target audiences, establish a clear understanding of the company’s internal direction, and where you realistically want the brand and business to evolve to.  The outcome will be a clear set of agreed upon client objectives.  


    In the Characterization phase our team conducts research, gathers data, and has internal working sessions to analyze the information gathered.  In the event we find the available research data is inconclusive or not sufficient to move forward we may recommend conducting primary research such as focus groups, surveys, or other methods to gather specific data required.  Strategy:  The next step is to develop the strategy.  During this step our team reviews the data and research results from the Characterization phase, interprets the data, and compiles the information into a Creative Brief that summarizes the findings.  


    Our team creates the brand positioning, defines the persona, characteristics, benefits, and spirit/core values of the brand – in essence the brand identity. 


    During this phase, we produce the Integrated Communications Plan (ICP).  The ICP is where we work with you to develop the marketing budget, define specific targeted media, determine which media will be most effective, and explore a wide range of media options.  When the ICP is complete and approved our media team develops the Media Plan.  The completed ICP and Media Plan is the tactical marketing plan that will be implemented moving forward.


    This is the part we love, where we get to say GO! All the carefully crafted elements get put into play- branding, media, social media, promotions, public relations, word of mouth, all the elements an individual campaign requires for its success. This is where we go hard!.


    This is the final phase of a campaign and the prelude to a new campaign.  Here we objectively review the results of the campaign against the objectives established in phase I Exploration.  We also reflect on the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign to see how it could be improved.  As objectives are achieved, new objectives are established and this creates the foundation for the next campaign and we commence the process again.