Circle of One Marketing is a full service agency with a team of enthusiastic experienced professionals. Everything we do is driven by our tagline: creative_resourceful_diverse.


Think of “The Circle” like a cylinder. No, a cake. We love cake. Come on, we are multilayered.

At the foundation, is the 30,000 square foot 360 degree marketing strategy: objectives, pain points, communications objectives, target demographics, psychographics, geographics, desired outcomes, success measures and metrics, managed expectations, patience please and the fluidity to revamp when necessary.

Our second layer is good design. We have 5 Words for our clients: white space is your friend.

Next, we have media planning and buying, where we secure your share of voice, because there’s really no point in paying for media unless you get more than what you pay for, right?

Then shimmies in public relations with its vigor and glam. This is the layer in which we find multiple ways to tell the same story, and with the help of social media, expand our ability to extend your reach. All things work together for good. That is what we believe when implementing any kind of public relations plan. We know how to tell a story and good PR is all about the story. Most public relations objectives must be met with a variety of tactics whether it requires marrying public relations with community outreach or creating a self-sustaining newsroom.

To complement our delicious marketing, creative, and public relations prowess, we also offer spectacular (really we’re famous!) special event planning and production. While creating visually and sonically appealing content is essential to growing a brand, we also understand that nothing is more powerful than face-to-face interaction. It is our signature ability to key into audiences’ emotions and provide them with an unforgettably awesome experience that then drives brand loyalty for our client.

As the very top layer of Circle-ness we have strategic partnerships because, to be honest, it’s all about who you know. And guess what? We know them all. In addition to these five layers, we also have what many may call “The Circle secret sauce,” but for us, it’s the icing on top: resourcefulness and thought leadership. Sure, we know our resourcefulness is not a typical marketing function, and thought leadership is not always easy, but we found it to be very useful for each of our clients and what always seems to keep them running back for more.


Our diversity and the fact that our team is a direct reflection of global demographics and psychographics, gives us a unique perspective into each of these cultures. Our diversity as an agency, our skillsets, the quality of our staff and the relationships we have in the community gives Circle of One an edge not only today but in the future as well (and you’ve got to be impressed when a circle has an “edge”). We also lay claim to unparalleled expertise in accessing the emerging and active African-American, Creole, Hispanic and Caribbean consumer markets. Circle of One has developed successful multicultural campaigns for a wide range of clients, across all types of media. Our first-hand knowledge of these consumers gives us the unique insight to develop and deliver the right message to move people and shape opinions.


Circle of One Marketing has formalized its commitment to promoting social issues in all communities by creating a progressive Social Marketing Division. This division of “The Circle” focuses exclusively and aggressively on non-profit and governmental clients who seek to use marketing strategy, new media platforms and community outreach tactics to impact outcomes by fostering and “selling” positive social behaviors.

Circle of One employs both traditional and non-traditional marketing, advertising and public relations techniques coupled with Social Marketing and Social Media strategies to promote a myriad of brands.