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With a slew of finance innovations, OneUnited Bank is changing the face of Black-owned banking.

As the president of OneUnited Bank, Terri Williams guides the fortunes of the nation’s #1  black owned bank with assets over 600 million dollars and branches in Boston, Miami and Los Angeles. With an Ivy League pedigree that includes a BA from Brown University and a MBA from Harvard, Williams has implemented an array of products and services that has earned her an impressive reputation in financial circles for her business acumen and strong commitment to community service.

Black dollars matter and to that point, Williams is committed to the growth and vitality of her core constituents. Under her leadership One United Bank has introduced innovative online operations that are capable of providing services to customers nationwide. The bank also sponsors financial literacy programs and supports other initiatives that empower the bank’s customers. spoke with Williams recently to gain a better understanding about her amazing career in banking.

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